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Transformations Underway at Farrell's North Loop in Downtown Minneapolis

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Farrell's North Loop in MinneapolisThis past Saturday, May 5, Farrell’s North Loop owners Casey Bloemke and Ed McNamara welcomed their first 10-week members to orientation at their new Farrell’s North Loop location!

Casey has been a student and instructor of the Farrell’s program since 2015 and is excited to finally own his own location. “I love being a facilitator of the physical, mental and emotional transformations of our members! I’m passionate about building a healthy community, both physically and mentally, and plan to spread this drive and enthusiasm through the Farrell’s program to the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis,” Casey said.

In attendance to help with orientation were members from other Farrell’s locations in the Twin Cities. Tim, from Farrell’s Shoreview, shared his Farrell’s Story with us that day.

Tim’s Farrell’s Story:

"I joined four and a half years ago at the Farrell’s Shoreview location and started my 10-Week Challenge. I was amazed after four weeks - I knew it was for me! I knew I couldn’t work out as hard at a gym alone as I could with a group of supportive people. It’s a great program complete with kickboxing and strength training and it has really changed my life. It’s given me better confidence, helped improve my self-esteem and made me a fit person. It’s been truly wonderful.

Fitness class in Minneapolis, MN“I work out and eat different. It’s not a diet, I just eat better. And I’ve met some amazing and great people along the way. This program really changes your attitude and it can even change who you hang out with because it can be fun to not only work out with them, but to spend time with them off the mats as well. It’s been wonderful and now I’m here to help others have the same experience I did at the new North Loop location."

Congratulations Casey and Ed! We know you will continue to succeed and change the lives of many members to come.

Know someone in Minneapolis’ North Loop area looking to transform? Farrell’s North Loop 10-week session enrollment is open until Saturday, May 26th! Visit their website or call (612) 584-1599 to enroll today!

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