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Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping - Stillwater Careers

There's nothing more satisfying than having a positive effect on people's lives on a daily basis. That's why you'll love being a part of our team in Stillwater!

If you're currently involved in our program, or have been in the past, we’d love to talk.

Explore the opportunities below and take the next step in your career. To apply, read our careers and email your resume to

Participation in the Farrell's program is a requirement. All Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping - Stillwater locations are independently owned and operated. This Careers page is a tool to help our franchise owners hire employees. All franchise owners set their own employment policies and procedures and are individually responsible for handling all employment matters.

Manager/Head Coach
You'll lead a devoted team committed to transforming lives daily. It's a full-time job making sure others achieve their goals and guiding them on their transformation journeys.
Assistant Manager/Assistant Head Coach
You'll be a part of a team of leaders, dedicated to aiding others throughout their transformations. Being an necessary part of a team that helps revolutionize lives daily means that you're devoted to helping others accomplish their goals each and every day.
You'll have the proper technique and correct form to help members maximize their results while guiding them throughout their transformation.
You'll draw on your personal transformation experience to drive the success of new 10-Week students.
Program Director
You'll get the potential to transform lives by supporting Farrell's to prospective members.